Ada Ciganlija is visited by over 100,000 people on daily basis, of different age and educational profile, which is why Aqua Ski complex has almost unlimited marketing potential. By posting a billboard at our facility, your company’s name is associated with the spirit of youth, entertainment, exotic atmosphere, dynamics and fascination – attributes related to all water sports.

Aqua Ski company with its Club (Aqua Ski Club) has organized a number of European and world wakeboard and wakeskate competitions for many years. We are also organizers of other numerous competitions and events, such as:

Aqua Ski Open (National Wakeboard and Wakeskate Competition)
Swimming marathon
Cable slalom and jumps
Fashion shows

Aqua Ski has substantial marketing capacities including:

Floating adds on the ski route
Ski jumps and other devices
Promotional posts on the cable pylons
Promotional flags on the cables
Flags on the poles
Sun blinds
Beach marketing accessories: deck chairs, chairs, parasols
Banner posts at the facility
Bar promotional material
Different promotional items in Aqua Ski shop
Aqua Ski printed material (brochures, vouchers, fliers, posters…)

Advertisements posted within Aqua Ski complex are highly visible, not just for our guests but also for all Ada Ciganlija visitors, which number is on the rise year after year. In addition, our promotional capacities are exposed to cameras and media all the time. The shop, selling exclusively sports equipment, has a significant role, too.

Considering that we have available marketing space at our facility this year, we are in position to offer a cooperation in domain of marketing and sale of your products at our facility.


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