Water skiing is safe, with the use of protective equipment (protective waistcoat and helmet).

Various level competitions are frequently organized in wakeboard, slalom, cable tricks and jumps. Olympic Committee has included these sports into pre-Olympic group of sports.

Water ski cableway does not pollute the environment. Driven by electric power engine, it produces no exhaust gasses, oils etc, and is also noiseless. With their water activities, the skiers infuse 10 tons of oxygen into the water per year, thus contributing to its better quality, with beneficial effects on fauna and flora.

Water skiing is a healthy sport developing a large group of body muscles having beneficial effect on psychophysical growth of young people. Sports activities in general are good for young people as they divert them from alcohol, drug and criminal abuse. It is a fun and interesting at the same time, both as recreational sport and for those who prefer some more extreme discipline like wakeboard.

For their vacation, young people tend to choose destinations equipped with water ski cableway.



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