Aqua Ski café is a part of Aqua Ski center, located in Ada Ciganlija resort since 2002.

Apart from the standard offer, including, coffee, squashed fruit (orange juice, lemonade….) and spirits, the Café has a broad selection of beer (several types of draft beer), and various cocktails (with and without spirits), that make a perfect match with summer heat and „aqua ski“ story.

Skiing, as well as all water sports work up an appetite, so at this place you can order: all sorts of pancakes, salads, pizzas, pastas, chicken filets, etc. For desert, you can choose pancakes and various ice cream and fruit combinations.

During the day we play mostly international music and some Serbian rock. From time to time during high season and competitions, we have a DJ playing popular music.

The Cafe is open throughout the year, and skiing season lasts from May 1st till September 30th.

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